A Tale of Two Desks

We decided that we’d give you a quick rundown of where we’ve been spending the majority of our time lately – our desks.

#1 Katie’s Desk (AKA law school central):

1. View of the outside world – I always like to situate my desk near a window. I love cracking the window and feeling the breeze, it helps me stay awake during extremely boring Con law readings.

2. My computer – Where I do all my outlining, online reading, and internet time-wasting.

3. A few photos of family and a sketch by Mike – A nice reminder that law school isn’t the most important thing in life!

4. Pens, pencils, and a ton of highlighters – Was it the Cub Scouts that said, “Always be prepared?” I feel like law students could use a similar motto. With my pens, pencils, and highlighters I’m ready for reading, note-taking, outlining, and whatever else law school throws my way.

5.  Book Basket – I like to keep all my texts, binders, notebooks, and handouts at close range. That way I don’t have to go searching around when I need something. Baskets are a great cheap way to look organized, even though you can just throw everything in.

6. Plant – I love my plant! It’s got the faintest lemon scent and is virtually un-killable.

7. Casebook – There is usually always one open on my desk, reminding me to put the remote down and read already.

8. Coffee – I always have a cup of coffee or tea with me when I work. It tastes so good and keeps me alert,

9. Headphones – I don’t like complete silence when I study. Usually I turn on some music, but lately I’ve been finding that a little too distracting. So I started using an online white noise generator (available free here). It is amazing, and really helps me focus.

10. Post-its – A law student’s arsenal would not be complete without them. I use them for tabbing my books and writing down reading assignments. Definitely part of my law school survival kit.

#2 Mike’s Desk (AKA studio away from studio):

1. Desktop computer – The easiest work to do at home is digital (since you don’t need those messy drafting or modelling supplies). A desktop is also way more comfortable to work on than a laptop.

2. Retro lamp – The light in the den isn’t the best, and this bendy lamp is a great way to augment it.

3. Wacom tablet – It’s easier to draw with pencil and paper but a tablet is great for lettering, colouring, and editing. Sometimes I use it as a mouse.

4. Pens – Not the most accurate instruments, I usually use these for quick sketches on the go.

5. LEGO Architecture sets – What do you get an architecture student for his or her birthday? I can’t get enough of these. They’re fun to put together (sometimes its good having direction), they make you feel like a kid again (or still), and they get even more interesting as you study the buildings they’re based on. Here I have Robie House and Fallingwater.

6. Books – Textbooks and case studies. I love a good monograph.

7. Moleskine sketchbook – A gift from Katie which I take with me everywhere. You should never let yourself forget an idea whether you’re on a bus, walk, or vacation.

8. Sketchbook – A larger sketchbook for notes, diagrams, and more intricate sketches. It won’t fit in your coat pocket but you’ll want to cart it back and forth to class.

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