Freaks & Geeks

A few weeks ago Mike and I started watching the first (and sadly, only) season of Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. Set in the 80s, it follows the lives of siblings Lindsay and Sam Weir and their friends, the freaks and the geeks respectively. For those who haven’t seen this one, it features an all-star cast including James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel (all freaks) as well as Francis james Daley (a geek) who we now love as Dr. Sweets in Bones. We were hooked from the start and before we knew it we were rooting for Bill, empathizing with Daniel, and facing the last two episodes of the series.

To see it out with a bang we put together a Freaks and Geeks dinner fitting of the season finale. Being a little bit freak and a little bit geek ourselves, we also donned the outfits to match before settling in to wish our new friends goodbye (OK, so we may be outing ourselves as geeks here). Read on for our FnG-inspired menu:

On the Geek side,
1. Me dressed as one of my favourite characters from the show, Millie.
2. Homemade lemonade, freshly squeezed by Mike!
3. Sweet and simple apple and provolone pizza.
4. Yummy homemade caramel corn for dessert. We got the recipe here.

And on the Freak side,
1. Mike as Daniel, the baddest of the bad boys.
2. A delicious Rogue “Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout.”
3. Peanut butter cheeseburger pizza – a pizza that breaks all the rules! We got inspired to make this after eating the famous “Peanut butter burger” at Darrell’s Restaurant. There’s a reason it’s been voted Halifax’s best burger year after year. We used peanut butter for the base, local lean ground beef, some cheddar cheese, and topped it off with shredded lettuce and tomato.
4. Dangerously cheesy cheese popcorn. We made a cheese sauce using cheddar cheese powder and butter and generously heaped it on. So good (and so bad for you!)

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t bummed the show is over, but at least we gave it a proper send-off! Now all we need to do is try to find another show to obsess over and distract us from our work.

We’re open to suggestions!

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