Study aids

Spending your weekend studying can be a real downer. That’s why Mike and I have a few go-to strategies to help ease the pain. They include:

  • Taking a “cat nap” or snuggle break with our favourite feline.
  • Listening to our latest vinyl pick while studying. This week, we’ve been playing The Vaccines’ newest album, perfect for getting out those study frustrations!
  • When we do break to eat, we make sure its something delicious. Lately, Mike and I have been eating a lot of Japanese food. We especially love making katsu-style chicken or salmon.
  • Sipping on an interesting import from our local speciality beer/wine shop whenever we have to tackle boring readings or assignments.
  • Using colours to make studying less drab. Here you can see I’ve begun the tabbing process for my Civ Pro book.

Studying may be a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin your weekend!

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