DIY Christmas: Last-minute Gift Ideas


Our ideal gift combines the cheap, the useful, the thoughtful, and the fun, and this year we think we’re right on the money. Mike and I spent some time putting together these ideas so you don’t have to! Most of these can be whipped up faster than you can bake a fruitcake. They include:

Homemade lemon-sugar scrub: Just three ingredients for this simple scrub. For packaging, we reclaimed a jar of salad dressing and put together a quick label. It’s a great gift for those people who appreciate chemical-free skincare. We got the recipe here.

Knitted face cloths: Not only are these face cloths a lot softer than the terry cloth alternative, they are way faster to make than the scarves I knitted last year. I got the waffle-weave pattern from here, and picked up these cotton pastel yarns during our recent day off.

Knitted dish cloths: Same idea, different purpose. Perfect for the first-time knitter, it’s probably the easiest pattern to follow and to practice basic skills. You can find it right here. I spiced these up by using matching yarns to add stripes.

Personalized map coasters: There are a lot of homemade coaster DIYs out there, but we ended up going our own way. We used a vinyl placemat for a slip-resistant backing and thick non-corrugated cardboard for a base. For the surface we found maps of the important places in the lives of our giftees (places of birth, work, and romance), printed them, and glued them to the base. We covered the maps with clear-drying, waterproof glue to seal. We think they turned out well but next time would edit the maps to make them stand out more.



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