DIY Christmas: Start a Brand


What do you do when you can’t afford brand-name gifts for your friends and family? Make your own brand, of course.

OK, so you won’t find goodPRODUCTS at a store near you, but a few people we know will find them under the Christmas tree this year. After making a number of inexpensive but thoughtful gifts these past weeks (including soup and cookie mix, soap, and coasters) we were left wanting something more. The idea to package them all under the same brand came as we were making the cooking instruction cards for our soup and cookies. Playing around with imagery and titles, we decided on a new-vintage aesthetic – black and white woodcut images paired with iPod-style typesetting. Keeping these minimal and changing only the image between tags created a unified branding for our gifts which we both feel adds a sense of polish and quality.

Putting our brand together was a fun exercise and one that (clearly) doesn’t require marketing experience to impress those imporant folks in your lives!


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