November Wrap-up

To survive the end-of-term blues, tonight we’ve been reminiscing about this month’s finer points. For Katie’s birthday on the 16th we got to indulge our inner gourmet by dining at the best of Halifax, the Brooklyn Warehouse. I had the deer, Katie tried the lamb, and we both couldn’t resist ordering the Brooklyn Ale (a beer exclusive to the restaurant). A few days later we stopped in for drinks and charcuterie at another top pick, the Parisian-style resto Bistro le Coq, on the way to the Parade of Lights (see a previous post). Another night, we attempted to emulate the restaurant experience at home, but with a twist. We had an indoor picnic on the floor of our living room, complete with DIY charcuterie, fresh pasta, and candlelight. Another highlight came in the mail just two days ago – Katie’s  award-winning essay is finally in print! The Law Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador graciously sent her two copies of the journal (now in a library near you). Finally, we can’t talk about November without mentioning the biggest addition to our household, Derwood. We can’t get enough of our snaggle-toothed kitty, and with a face like that can you blame us?

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