Made at Home: Nuts About Pasta


Times have been stressful recently, and as a result I’ve been seeking comfort in carbs. I absolutely love pasta, but I don’t love how bad it can be for you. That’s why I’ve been on the lookout for healthy pasta recipes. After finishing my search, I realized that all the recipes I found had a common denominator: nuts. Adding nuts to pasta is a great way to make creamy pasta more healthy. Nuts are loaded with protein and good fats, plus they taste delicious.

Here are three nutty recipes to help ease some of that pasta guilt:

1. Walnut and White Bean Sauce Pasta with Zucchini – This one is kind of like a low cal Alfredo. We got the recipe here, but added a few squeezes of lemon juice to make the flavour really pop. Highly recommended.

2. Mike’s Pesto – My absolute favourite thing that Mike cooks. He whipped it for me when we were first dating and after one bite I knew he was a keeper! His not-so-secret recipe is:

One good bunch of basil
A clove or two of garlic
A handful of pine nuts
Parmesan cheese (as cheesy as you want it)
Olive oil
Salt to taste 

This one’s easy. First, finely chop the first four ingredients together on a cutting board, adding more as necessary. Second, transfer it all to a small bowl and add enough olive oil to coat. This is where you can add salt, if desired. To use, toss the pesto with any variety of boiled pasta.

3. Vegan Mac and Cheese – Another great low cal version of a classic. I didn’t find that the taste was super cheesy, but it definitely was rich and creamy. Be sure to cut the recipe in half though, it tends to make way more than you’ll ever need.


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