Styled: Men’s Dress Shirts

Since moving in with Mike, my wardrobe has multiplied. It’s not uncommon for me to sneak over to his closet in the morning and pull out a shirt or cozy wool sweater to wear for the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love lace, frills, and other more feminine clothing, but sometimes I’m in the mood for something a little different. Men’s dress shirts are great because they are cheap to buy secondhand and are really versatile. Here are three ways Mike and I both rock men’s dress shirts:

image1. Buttoned + Tucked
His: Tucked in, with a brown leather belt.
Hers: Tucked in, with a matching navy belt and hair bow to keep it feminine.

image2. With a Sweater
His: Buttoned, with a green cashmere v-neck sweater overtop.
Hers: Buttoned, with a cinching belt and navy cardigan.

image3. Open with a Tee
His: Open, paired with a graphic tee.
Hers: Open, paired with a basic black tee, hat and scarf.

What are some other ways you would wear a men’s dress shirt? Fill us in, we’ve got a closet full of them!


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