Eat a Pita


We recently visited a neighbourhood bakery we’ve been eying for a while now. The Al-Arz Bakery in Fairview carries a wide variety of Middle Eastern foods for its size, everything from halal meats to handmade baklava. Their apparent specialty, however, is the pita. The friendly baker assured us we would not be disappointed with our purchase and he was very right. For one, they’re big – and we mean really big. You could easily make a pizza out of one of these or rip it up for ample dipping. They are also extremely tasty and barely need an accompaniment.

One way we enjoyed our pitas this week was by turning them into pita chips and dunking them in Katie’s homemade hummus. We used a pizza cutter to cut the pita into triangles, then baked them in the oven until they were crispy. Pitas and hummus were practically born for each other and Katie did an amazing job improvising the chickpea dip even without all the ingredients.

We’ve also enjoyed stuffing our pitas full of all kinds of tasty ingredients and sauces but haven’t been able to resist long enough to take pictures. I’m sure they’ll make their way into a future post. Until our next delicious adventure,


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