Femme-bot Fatale



Recently I’ve been working on a little creative venture that combines my two loves: science fiction and history. Ever since I finished my second year at school, I’ve been looking for a new art project for the summer, and when I found some vintage airplane magazines in a used bookstore I got inspired.

The magazines are mainly Cold War Era, and they contain really interesting articles, advertisements, and technical drawings of planes and their component parts. Flipping through, I got the idea to individually cut out parts from the technical drawings and use the parts to build new and more modern creations. What to build exactly, was a tricky decision. I’m still deciding the scope of the project, but I know I want whatever I build to have a tie to science fiction. The Cold War had a huge impact on science fiction during the period, and I’d like to maintain that historical connection in my work.

My first build is a robot Mike and I call “Rosie”. She’s built out of parts from various airplanes, but her head is actually from a Philips electric razor! I saw the Philips ad in one of the magazines and thought it was the perfect fit. What I love about Rosie is that she is strong and powerful, but still maintains a distinctly feminine look (check out those curves!). I can’t wait to make more creations and see where this little project takes me :)


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