Styled: In the Spring of Things

After a long and unintended hiatus brought on by the end of term crunch, the Bar and Bean is (are?) back! We have a few projects in the works this summer, which we’ll make sure to let you in on, but for now we thought we’d share a slice of the beautiful day we had today. Katie and I spent part of the morning walking downtown. I had to return a library book and Katie got to try out her beautiful new work/summer wardrobe. After taking care of some chores and seeing kites flying over the Halifax Commons, Katie remembered the kite-in-a-bag I got for Christmas. We took it out to a nearby grassy field after lunch and spent the better part of two hours trying to get it in the air. We’re blaming it on poor wind rather than our own abilities because we even had help from a few neighbourhood kite experts, pictured above. The kite seemed to want to take off so we’ll definitely be giving it a shot on another, windier day.

For any remaining loyal readers, stay tuned! This summer we’ve resolved to keep blogging even when the going gets tough, for our own sanity and for our friends’ and families’ reading benefit.

Thanks for sticking with us,

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