Styled: Scout Ties


This week’s vintage at the office post is all about scout ties. I’m going to try to be brief though, as I notice our blog is becoming a bit heavy with outfit pictures and fashion tips. I’m not sure if this scout tie counts as “vintage” because it was recently made. I commissioned it from my wonderful and talented friend Krysten (check out her little business, Unseamly Behaviour here). She followed this DIY and did an amazing job.

I pair my scout tie with just about any button-up shirt I have to add a little more character to my outfit. You can use a brooch to fasten the tie, or even an earring (like I did in these pictures). I absolutely love my scout tie. I think the tie gives me that old-fashioned school marm look – but in a totally good way.

So, if you’re looking to give one of your boring button-ups a mini vintagesque makeover, I recommend trying out a scout tie. If you have sewing skills you can make one yourself, or if you’re like me, you can try to enlist the help of a talented friend.


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