Things Thrifted

I’ve been in the market for some new clothes for a while now, so when Mike suggested we go thrifting this morning I happily agreed. When we arrived at the thrift store I headed straight towards the skirts and blouses, gathering a HUGE pile of clothes to try on. Mike was super patient while I tried them all on, busying himself by checking out some interesting thrift store art (read: a headless Ken doll glued to styrofoam on a canvas) and looking through the secondhand books.

At the end of the trip I came away with 2 skirts, 2 blouses, and 2 dresses for only $29.94. Most of the pieces are pretty versatile and can be worn to work this summer and to school in the fall. All in all, I consider this trip a huge victory for my wallet and wardrobe.

I should note too, that almost every time Mike and I go thrifting (which is often) we make a point to donate some clothes, accessories, shoes, house wears, etc. that we no longer need. Thrift stores rely on donations, and after all the amazing finds we’ve gotten over the years, it’s probably the least we can do.

Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks to see how I style some of these awesome “new” pieces!


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