Final Project: Theatre

Our major assignment for the summer semester was to design a theatre on an existing site in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They probably could not have chosen a more complicated building at a time when no one really wanted to be in school, but somehow we made it through.

There are many considerations in my scheme but these are the basics. The theatre itself is a rectangular structure with the other rooms arranged in a round building surrounding it. There is a bar at the street and a courtyard for outdoor seating and small performances. For larger performances the audience circles around to the second floor lobby and enters the audience chamber from the rear. Attached are some of the graphics from my final presentation last week. In order of appearance:

1. Plans for levels one to three.
2. The big moves I made to get to my final form.
3. A photomontage of the neighbourhood with my proposed elevation inserted (ie. the frontal view).
4. A section (cut) through the theatre chamber and courtyard.
5. A section from the back of the theatre looking at the path from the street to the audience chamber.


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