Styled: Newsprint


Yesterday I popped into my favourite secondhand bookstore and stumbled across a stack of vintage New York Times Magazines. At only $2 a piece, I knew I had to take them home. They will be perfect for my next art project, which will build on the work I’ve been doing on my “Eastern Bloc, Western Bot” Collection (also known as Katie’s Crazy Cold War ’Bots).

The outfit I’m wearing today just so happened to match the magazines I found (it was not planned, I swear). Much like the newsprint pages, I’m black, white, and read red. The white blouse and black linen midi-skirt were recently thrifted, and the necklace is made from an antique brooch I’ve had for a little while. My favourite part of the outfit is definately the cutouts in the collar of the blouse. I think they really seal that Granny Chic look I love.

I sure hope Mike doesn’t mind me slowly filling up the apartment with stacks of old magazines and piles of vintage clothing…


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