How Does Your Garden Grow?

A little while ago I entered a local call for artists put off by the Spring Garden Area Business Association. The purpose of the call was to get artists to identify their ‘Vision of the Spring Garden Area.’ Unfortunately, the call ended up being cancelled at the last minute, but in case anyone was curious, this is the piece I had submitted and this is the little write up I included with my submission:

“The entry is a digital image composed of original photos taken entirely in and around Spring Garden Road. It is focused on enhancing rather than reinventing, building on existing structures and spaces. Locality and nature are emphasized to transform the street into a vibrant downtown core. The inspiration for the piece came from the street’s namesake: The Public Gardens. After walking through the Gardens I realized I wanted to recreate what I saw there on the street – colour, vibrancy, and simplicity. By making more room for nature and small, independent business I believe my vision for Spring Garden achieves just that – a street as beautiful as the Garden it’s known for, with plenty of room to grow.”


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