Made at Home: Blueberry & Banana “Dutch Pancakes”

As our friends, family, and long-term followers know, we are all about breakfast. One recent morning we found ourselves craving something a little different when Katie remembered the “dutch pancakes” I once made. She remembered them by their other name, the “dutch baby,” but the idea is the same: delicious oven pancakes. The key here is the non-stick oven-safe pan. I used this recipe for the pancake itself but we weren’t feeling the pear topping. Instead, I improvised by frying two bananas in butter and a little brown sugar. After they softened I added a half cup of blueberries and simmered until the pancake was ready. The result was a very nice blueberry-banana jam topping. We highly recommend these moist ovencakes, whatever topping you choose!


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