Made at Home: Mushroom & Seitan Stew

Happy 2014, everyone! Long time no blog. Hope you all had an amazing holiday season and are recharged and ready to show 2014 who’s boss. This year I resolved to cook more and try to be a little more productive in my down time (Netflix, you’re killing me on this one!). To help with my new adventures in the kitchen I bought Isa Moskowitz’s new cookbook, Isa Does It. I’m not a vegan, but I do enjoy trying different foods and recipes I normally wouldn’t go for. This mushroom and seitan stew is one example of the new recipes I’ve been whipping up recently (you can get a very similar recipe here). The only modifications I made was reducing the amount of dried mushrooms, adding in an extra veggie sausage, throwing in some fresh green beans, and putting in a few extra splashes of veggie broth. On a blah January day like today, a big bowl of this stuff is heaven. Just make sure you eat it with a big hunk of bread for sopping up the extra juices!


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