Made at Home: Pineapple Basil Caesar and Tiramisu

Today’s post is the quintessential bar and bean. We put these together after strokes of inspiration and/or motivation from two unlikely places. Katie’s concoction, a pineapple basil caesar, comes from the bar. After seeing Clint Pattemore hype his book on the only television channel we currently pick up, Katie was inspired to mix one up. This one was only named on the show, but we found a recipe and Katie pulled it off beautifully. My dish is a product of the bean, the coffee bean to be exact. Lady fingers were on sale this week (sometimes that’s all it takes) and I finally had to try the Italian dessert: tiramisu. This one was actually easier than I expected; I cobbled together a recipe based on the ingredients we had, and the result was the perfect combination of coffee-soaked cake and rich, cheesy cream.


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