An Update

Whoa. Its been awhile. A long while. Sorry about that. The bar and bean have been busy, really busy. Since our last post, we’ve crammed for exams, wrote final papers, graduated, apartment hunted, moved, and trucked our stuff (and ourselves) over the ocean. We’re still not settled yet, but we wanted to check in. Our new place is lovely and we can’t wait to show you around. We’re no longer Haligonians, but St. Johner’s (or “Townies,” in the local vernacular). We’ve finally found the little downtown apartment near the water we’ve dreamed about. Here we plan to make some changes, to lead a simpler, more sustainable and community-minded life. From building our own bookcases and tables to growing herbs, making cheese, and brewing our own beer, it’s going to be fun – we hope you stick around.


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