Start Small




I think change comes easiest when it’s incremental – little modifications here and there that build up over time. Mike and I are pretty realistic when it comes to our journey to a simpler life. Sure, we’d love to go out and buy a smoker and start making our own bacon, but we’ll probably have more success with our lifestyle change if we start small.

The first thing I did was buy some local produce. I didn’t venture out to any farmer’s markets (although that is on the list), just my usual grocery store. They had a very limited selection of local veggies, but when I found these beautiful turnips I couldn’t resist. I decided to make a turnip puree, using this simple recipe that only uses a few ingredients (turnips, milk, water, a little olive oil, S+P). It was so good. Like, I may never need mashed potatoes again, good. A big thank you to Peachytown Farms – your turnips are the tops!

Another small change Mike and I made was to quit our Starbucks habit. Only homemade lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, canadianas, and iced coffees from now on! We may have to dust off this old recipe from the bar and bean archives.

Lastly, we tried our hand at bread baking. Mike has made bread before, but I never have. In the spirit of starting small, we used a no-knead recipe. I’ll admit, it was kind of annoying having to wait 12+ hours for it to rise (I wanted bread NOW), but well worth it. Just the smell of fresh bread baking in the house made up for the wait.

It’s only week 1, but so far so good. We’re both happy with the progress. Small steps can lead to great, big things.


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