Made at Home: The Most Important Meal

Mike and I used to go out to breakfast/brunch at least once a week. It was one of our favourite traditions. At one particular diner in Halifax (The Armview) we became regulars, coming by each week to order a benny and drink cup after cup of hot coffee. When we left for St. John’s we had to say goodbye to The Armview. We thought about trying to find a similar spot here, but ultimately decided we would turn our kitchen into our new favourite diner. This fit well with our journey to a simpler life, and we were both excited to try out some new recipes. So far we’ve made our own bagels, granola, and yogurt. We’ve also learned how to properly poach an egg and make a killer hollandaise. It’s a limited menu I admit, but our kitchen is the only spot in town that knows just how I like my bagels toasted, or just how much maple syrup Mike likes in his granola (hint: it’s a lot).


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