Self Love Files: Your Body Loves You

I, like many others out there, have spent years inspecting and criticizing every inch of my body. My forehead is too big. My skin is too bumpy. My calves are too chunky. I even criticize my body when it is in pain (talk about kicking her when she’s down). I’d have a headache or a cold or sore knees and all I could think about was how defective and weak my body is. How wimpy and pathetic a body I have! I will admit, I have been incredibly cruel to my body. I have been destructive and nasty. I have said things to her I would never say to anyone else in a million years. And throughout it all my body would only say in reply, “I still love you.” You see, you can hate your body all you want, but your body will always love you. No matter how mean you are to her she will still try to clot your cuts, nourish you, and even try to keep you cool on hot days. She will try to get rid of the toxic stuff you don’t need, and she will try her damndest to heal you. Your body wants you to survive. She’s an optimist. Even when you are calling her trash, or treating her terribly, she will try, try, try. My body is my biggest fan. If she was a soccer mom she’d be the one at the game with face painted and a huge poster saying, “You can do it!” If I fail a test or do something I’m not proud of, she’s still there plugging away for me. Our bodies may be the only true source of unconditional love out there. So, maybe, let’s show our bodies some love now and then. Treat her to a nice meal. Take your vitamins. Get a good night’s rest. Or at least stop berating her for a day. Remember: Your body loves you, even when you don’t love her.



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