Made at home: Tortilla (Spanish Omelette)

tortilla1 tortilla2 tortilla4 tortilla3tortilla6

The bar and bean eat guacamole and salsa at every opportunity, so when the latest Kinfolk magazine featured a recipe for tortilla we were a little excited. While not specifically a breakfast dish, and while this recipe made no mention of the green or red, we knew we had stumbled upon a potentially killer morning meal. We began by frying a sliced half onion and a thinly sliced potato until crispy and tender, respectively. Setting that aside, we used the same pan to fry four beaten eggs until a little cooked on bottom. We scattered the potato and onion over our frying eggs, and, veering off the beaten path (aka the recipe), we added a healthy handful of Balderson cheddar. Fold all that in half and continue cooking until browned on each side and you have yourself a delicious tortilla. If you’re us, you’ll serve your tortilla with guacamole, salsa, and Greek yogurt or sour cream. Otherwise, we hear tortillas are great as a take-away lunch. Just think of the possibilities!


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