Restored Vintage Mirror


Our latest vintage restoration is “The Fifty Pound Mirror,” and trust me, the name is accurate. We found this baby at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore for a whopping $15. Its original condition was pretty rough – grungy, badly spray-painted, with a strange dirty shoestring tied on the back – but we saw the potential. We opened the mirror up and soon figured out why it was so heavy; it has an outer and inner frame, one metal and the other hardwood, as well as two thick panes of mirrored glass. Using steel wool we gently scraped off the paint around the outer frame to reveal beautiful, shiny chrome. After dissembling and cleaning it up a bit, we got to painting. We used black paint (actually, it was some leftover chalkboard paint we had lying around!) to paint the circle cut-out insert. Finally, we put it all back together and glued it securely in place. The total cost of this project was less that $20. It is a great addition to our bedroom, and fits really well above our shared dresser. It required a little bit of elbow grease, but it was totally worth it. On a related note, if anyone is looking for a couple to revamp their home decor on the cheap, you know where to send ‘em.



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