For Her

Hey Mom,
You are a strong, beautiful, and kind woman who is always trying to be better for her family and herself. You are there for me, have always been there for me, and I want you to know I am here for you too. Today is meant for mothers, but I will be celebrating too – because you might have got me, but I got you!

Happy Mother’s Day!
You know I’m not one for buying cards, so this year we did something a little different. Not pictured here is the mud we had to walk through and the wind that nearly blew our signs away. If it’s the thought that counts, I hope it shows. Have a great Mother’s Day, Mom! I’ll call ya soon, but until then, I love you!

(Click this one to enlarge!)


  1. Carol says

    Wow, I’m amazed! That took a bit of work!!! Michael, you are an amazing son and I’m so proud of you!

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