ccccToday’s my 26th birthday. It’s also the day I write my final bar admissions exam. It’s kinda a big day.

A year ago I was working part-time at a rec centre, washing sweaty towels and booking children’s birthday parties. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get a job as a public-sector criminal lawyer — my dream job, and the only law-job I was interested in (sometimes beggars are choosers). I had just spent 3 years in law school hating it and myself, and I was doubtful law would be in my future. I was still figuring out my illness, and how to take care of myself.

Over the year I got stronger. I read a lot about self-care and feminism and how to show up for yourself. I applied and got an interview for my dream job. I prepared for it like an Olympic event. When I found out I got it, I cried and promptly quit my part-time job at the rec centre. I started volunteering at a Women’s Centre and making art in my spare time. I watched a lot of documentaries and a lot of  law & order. I got hooked on yard sales and fell deeper in love. When my job finally started, it exceeded my expectations. The people, the law, the courtroom – I had found my place.

The 180 of the past year didn’t happen in a nice linear way. It was kind of like Snakes and Ladders. Some days I climbed up, other days I slithered down. I’m not sure why I kept playing, but I’m glad I did. Kids parties are the worst.


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