Styled: Hitting the Books

A new school year has begun in Halifax and, while I’ve been working for a change (more on that soon), Katie is already hitting the books. Every now and then the two of us head to a nearby library or coffee shop to catch up on our reading – she pours over her law texts while I read a novel in solidarity. On one trip this week Katie wore an outfit too pretty (and appropriate) not to post. Her thrifted dress is very likely a school uniform, but paired with a few pieces from her wardrobe it puts the class back in classroom.


Styled: September Skies

An evening walk under September skies was the backdrop for this week’s Sunday style post. I’m wearing a pleated dark magenta skirt, emerald belt, a cream blouse, and my favorite black oxfords. Except for the belt, I found all items at my favorite local thrift-store.

With the weather getting cooler (and a lack of funds for a new fall wardrobe) I’m trying to make my summer clothes more fall-appropriate. Although I wasn’t purposely going for a “fall look” with this particular outfit, I think it’s a good example of how matching darker/richer colours from your summer wardrobe can help create a more seasonal style.


Styled: Labour Day Weekend

Happy September 1st, everyone! September has always represented two things to me: school and fall weather. While I’m not so excited to return to school, I definitely welcome some cooler weather. Fall is my favourite season, I love everything from the changing leaves to the knitted sweaters to the pumpkin pie.

But we’re not there quite yet. It’s still summer for a little while longer, so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can. This means wearing my favourite vintage sheer blouses and florals, eating ice cream, and taking long leisurely walks along the waterfront. I hope everyone gets a chance to do the same this labour day weekend!

Stay safe, and enjoy the sun!


Styled: Not Eastern Passage

Yesterday Mike and I decided to get out of the house for a while and go on a little adventure. Without any real plan, we hopped in the car and drove toward a nearby place we had heard about called Eastern Passage. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) we got a little lost and ended up somewhere completely different. With our eyes peeled for road signs, I finally spotted one pointing to a nearby beach. Although neither of us were sporting beachwear we decided to go for it.

At first I felt a little funny walking down the beach in a full-length pinafore,  white blouse, and tie. In my defence, it wasn’t that warm outside (probably only around 23C). Regardless, I decided I wasn’t going to let clothing stop me from enjoying the beach. I quickly slipped off my oxfords and played around in the sand, not caring what the other beachwear-clad folks must have thought. Mike was much the same. He was wearing full length navy jeans and a flannel shirt at the time, but he went right for it – skipping stones and climbing rocks.

Sometimes the outfits I wear end up being completely out of place with the events of the day. Just two weeks ago I was called in to an important (and last minute) work meeting wearing a pair of jeans and workboots. Although clothing choice can make an impression on people, I think confidence makes an even bigger one. That’s why it’s so important to me to buy clothes I feel confident and comfortable in. That way, when I inevitably end up being over or underdressed, I’ll be able to say, “Hey, at least I still feel awesome.”


Styled: Floral Crown

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making my own floral crown for a while now. I looked up a few good DIYs on how to make one, but in the end (due to laziness and lack of materials) I decided to go my own way. I grabbed two wildflowers with long stems from the back garden, bent them in a circular shape to fit my head, and taped the ends in the back. I also used a little bit of string to secure the flowers together in the front (tape would have been too bulky). I don’t know if this technically counts as a floral crown, as it is only made up of two flowers, but I kind of like the simplicity of it. All in all it only took about 5 minutes to do, making it a great  option if you’re in a pinch.

I probably wouldn’t wear a floral crown in my day to day life, but I would try one out at an outdoor concert or summer festival. Regardless of its practicality, I had a great time making the crown and experimenting with this look. It was definitely a fun way to spend my Sunday morning!


Styled: Peggy’s Cove

It’s been one hot, humid week in Halifax so when we woke up to a cool breeze this morning we decided to head outside. This probably isn’t the weather most people hope for in Peggy’s Cove, but coming from Newfoundland we knew that a windy coast is a special kind of beautiful. We got some breakfast at a tourist restaurant near the town’s famous lighthouse (a few busloads of visitors came while we ate) and took some photos in front of the crashing waves. The first photos above are my initial shots at “freelensing.” I like the effect and with some practice I’m hoping to get a bit more control over focus (clearly an issue at this point).


Styled: Newsprint


Yesterday I popped into my favourite secondhand bookstore and stumbled across a stack of vintage New York Times Magazines. At only $2 a piece, I knew I had to take them home. They will be perfect for my next art project, which will build on the work I’ve been doing on my “Eastern Bloc, Western Bot” Collection (also known as Katie’s Crazy Cold War ’Bots).

The outfit I’m wearing today just so happened to match the magazines I found (it was not planned, I swear). Much like the newsprint pages, I’m black, white, and read red. The white blouse and black linen midi-skirt were recently thrifted, and the necklace is made from an antique brooch I’ve had for a little while. My favourite part of the outfit is definately the cutouts in the collar of the blouse. I think they really seal that Granny Chic look I love.

I sure hope Mike doesn’t mind me slowly filling up the apartment with stacks of old magazines and piles of vintage clothing…


Styled: My First Pinafore

Here’s one of the dresses I picked up yesterday at the thrift shop. This is the first pinafore-style dress I’ve ever owned, and I love it! It’s so versatile, you can pair any shirt you want with it underneath. Today I’m wearing it with a simple black tee, but I can see myself pairing it with different patterns and colours in the future. Best of all, this dress is super comfy, making it the perfect choice for lazy Sundays like today!


Things Thrifted

I’ve been in the market for some new clothes for a while now, so when Mike suggested we go thrifting this morning I happily agreed. When we arrived at the thrift store I headed straight towards the skirts and blouses, gathering a HUGE pile of clothes to try on. Mike was super patient while I tried them all on, busying himself by checking out some interesting thrift store art (read: a headless Ken doll glued to styrofoam on a canvas) and looking through the secondhand books.

At the end of the trip I came away with 2 skirts, 2 blouses, and 2 dresses for only $29.94. Most of the pieces are pretty versatile and can be worn to work this summer and to school in the fall. All in all, I consider this trip a huge victory for my wallet and wardrobe.

I should note too, that almost every time Mike and I go thrifting (which is often) we make a point to donate some clothes, accessories, shoes, house wears, etc. that we no longer need. Thrift stores rely on donations, and after all the amazing finds we’ve gotten over the years, it’s probably the least we can do.

Keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks to see how I style some of these awesome “new” pieces!


Styled: Give a Tuck


I’ve been absolutely terrible with sticking to my commitment to make a weekly post on wearing vintage at the office. I do still wear a lot of vintagesque outfits to work, I just keep forgetting to photograph myself before I head out the door. I know what you’re thinking: Why can’t you just take photos after work, Katie? Well, I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite moments of the day is taking off my work clothes and putting on my regular clothes, or even better, my pajamas. Don’t get me wrong, I love my vintage wardrobe, but cinching belts and pantyhouse are not the most comfortable things in the world. All that to say, my vintage at the office posts may not be as frequent as I’d like. I promise I’ll try harder, though!

This week’s post is all about the miracle of the tuck. Tucking can be very forgiving, especially for ill-fitting shirts, which a lot of thrifted blouses tend to be. A tuck can also make your outfit look more professional and dressier. Not to mention that it gives you the opportunity to show off a funky belt (like the one I’m wearing here, which is a secondhand pony-themed children’s belt). I also find tucking is more fitting with the vintage style I tend to go for. When I was younger, I was very anti-tuck because I thought it would make me look old-fashioned. Funnily enough, that is exactly why I love tucking shirts in now.

Try it out for yourself – give a tuck!