Giveaway: Our Favourite Albums (CLOSED)

As promised, we’re back with another giveaway! Loving music as much as we do, this week we decided to share some of it with our readers. OK, so we’re not actually giving away physical copies of these LPs, but we have up for grabs one free (and legal) digital copy of each of these albums.

To enter this week’s giveaway “like us” on our brand new Facebook page. At the end of the week we’ll randomly draw the winners and message them the download code for one of these three albums.

Here are the three digital albums we’re giving away:

1. She & Him – Volume One
Our Favourite Song: “Change is Hard”image

2. The Provincial Archive – Maybe We Could Be Holy
Our Favourite Song: “Trading Thrills”image

3. Bahamas – Barchords
Our Favourite Song: “Lost in the Light”image


Fire & Ice



The East Coast has been hit hard this past week with wind, snow, and ice. So when the sun finally started shining this afternoon, we decided to go out and enjoy it.

After putting on our light winter-wear, we packed up Katie’s new Herschel  Backpack (a Christmas gift from me) with some cocoa mix and my new Kelly Kettle (a Christmas present from Mom and Dad), and headed to the woods. This type of kettle comes from Ireland and has a chimney through the water reservoir, allowing a small fire underneath to boil water in minutes. Although it took a few tries to get the fire started, the hot cocoa made it all worthwhile!



What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?


Happy New Year! We hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and are ready to take on 2013. Mike and I spent most of our holidays apart, him visiting his family in Newfoundland and me finishing my exams, visiting my own family, and coming back early to get ready for school on the 2nd (law school is a grinch). We finally reunited on New Year’s Eve, and decided to avoid the crowds and cold of downtown Halifax to stay home, open gifts, and stuff our faces one last time in 2012. I made a little cake surprise for Mike and dressed Derwood in his finest business casual (or catual?). We had a great night listening to new and old records, playing Donkey Kong Jenga, and watching the few fireworks we could see from our apartment window. We might have been quiet ringing in the new year, but we have big plans for 2013!



Day Off


As Mike’s dad always says, you’re most productive at the beginning and at the end of a study session so it’s important to take lots of breaks. We recently ran with this idea by taking a whole day off.

We rarely sleep in but we rolled of bed and had a late breakfast at Athens, a Greek family restaurant on Quinpool. Halifax’s Greek restaurants serve up some of the city’s best breakfasts. Plus, Greek coffee is a real treat for the coffee lover. I ordered pancakes which were so big and fluffy I couldn’t even finish them (Mike had to help). Mike had the usual – eggs benedict – this time with smoked salmon. We both ordered the Greek coffee but unfortunately our enthusiastic waiter informed us the espresso machine was out of order. But we didn’t let that get us down! We had a side order of bacon to make up for it.

After breakfast we hit up day 2 of the Berry Merry Winter Market and were blown away by the number of amazing crafters in the city. One of our favourite vendors was a confectioner who made beer caramels – delicious! Feeling inspired, we headed over to Atlantic Fabric, Crafts & More in Dartmouth and picked up a few things for some Christmas projects (more on that later).

We ended off the day with a well-earned (at least that’s what we told ourselves) feed of some of the city’s best poutine at Cheese Curds. They had about 10 different topping combinations, including butter chicken, but for our first visit we went with the classic model. We would (and did) go again.

All in all we had a very productive day off.


November Wrap-up

To survive the end-of-term blues, tonight we’ve been reminiscing about this month’s finer points. For Katie’s birthday on the 16th we got to indulge our inner gourmet by dining at the best of Halifax, the Brooklyn Warehouse. I had the deer, Katie tried the lamb, and we both couldn’t resist ordering the Brooklyn Ale (a beer exclusive to the restaurant). A few days later we stopped in for drinks and charcuterie at another top pick, the Parisian-style resto Bistro le Coq, on the way to the Parade of Lights (see a previous post). Another night, we attempted to emulate the restaurant experience at home, but with a twist. We had an indoor picnic on the floor of our living room, complete with DIY charcuterie, fresh pasta, and candlelight. Another highlight came in the mail just two days ago – Katie’s  award-winning essay is finally in print! The Law Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador graciously sent her two copies of the journal (now in a library near you). Finally, we can’t talk about November without mentioning the biggest addition to our household, Derwood. We can’t get enough of our snaggle-toothed kitty, and with a face like that can you blame us?

‘Tis the Season

Christmas may be over a month away, but I am already completely excited! How excited, you ask? So excited that I might have woken up Mike around 6AM to decorate the apartment with snowflakes and lights (notice the Santa hat I made for our Black Keys poster)…

I love the Christmas season! There’s nothing better than getting bundled up in a cozy sweater and watching Christmas specials. This year, because I’m on a budget, I’m trying to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible (I hope my family and friends love knitted gifts). It takes a lot longer to go the homemade route, but it’s easier on the wallet and more personal.

One of my favourite parts of the Christmas season actually took place on Saturday night, Halifax’s annual Festival of Lights Parade. It’s a really cool parade with a ton of different community floats. I had a such a great time, my face actually hurt from smiling so much.

I’ve still got a ton of schoolwork in between me and my Christmas holidays, but at least I can study by the tree and listen to some Christmas carols while I’m at it.


Study aids

Spending your weekend studying can be a real downer. That’s why Mike and I have a few go-to strategies to help ease the pain. They include:

  • Taking a “cat nap” or snuggle break with our favourite feline.
  • Listening to our latest vinyl pick while studying. This week, we’ve been playing The Vaccines’ newest album, perfect for getting out those study frustrations!
  • When we do break to eat, we make sure its something delicious. Lately, Mike and I have been eating a lot of Japanese food. We especially love making katsu-style chicken or salmon.
  • Sipping on an interesting import from our local speciality beer/wine shop whenever we have to tackle boring readings or assignments.
  • Using colours to make studying less drab. Here you can see I’ve begun the tabbing process for my Civ Pro book.

Studying may be a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean it has to ruin your weekend!

Welcome Derwood!

We thought we’d introduce you to the newest member of our family, Derwood. We met him yesterday at the SPCA and instantly loved him. He’s a five-year-old domestic shorthair who is incredibly friendly and gentle. He loves head scratches, late-night snuggles, and lazing around on the couch.

We are so happy to have him home with us!

As of late…

The first full week of November has almost come to a close. It’s been busy and stressful for both of us, but it’s also had some pretty great moments too. In case you’re curious, here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

1. Waking up super early and getting to enjoy the morning sun.
2. Listening to our Bahamas “Barchords” record on repeat.
3. Working on final projects and studying for exams.
4. Cooking lots of delicious Japanese food (more on this later!).
5. Enjoying Starbucks holiday-themed lattes.
6. Making our apartment more “green.”